It’s kind of amazing – Harlan Pepper just finished high school and they already know all their Great Lakes by heart, although I’m pretty sure they messed up talking about “Lake Huron”? #NeverHeardOfIt.

In the winter, I crave strong drink and banjo, so Harlan Pepper came along just in time with the banjo to accompany my bourbon. As a bunch of teenagers from Ontario, it’s surprising to hear their rootsy folk sound that could be easily be described as Americana, but I dig it. Check out “Great Lakes” below, and hear the rest of their album Young and Old here.

We grew up listening to music on dusty record players, and hissing radios. Those sounds have been channeled into these songs. It’s an album that we think encapsulates our love for raw roots, rock country, blues, and folk music, seen through our own 21st century kaleidoscope.

Harlan Pepper – Great Lakes