Last week I heard Kokayi for the first time and instantly wanted more, like the first time I bit into a Chipotle burrito (very similar to the first time using heroin, from what I hear). As a fan of a wide variety of genres from hip-hop to pop to punk to rock, it was exciting to hear a producer/rapper/singer blending things up into some kind of original, funky, soulful circus party. “Chanticleer” was one of my favorite tracks off of Robots & Dinosaurs after one listen, so I’m honored to be able to premiere it here at P&P. Show some support and order it HERE if you like what you hear.

I love this quote from “Obdare” that gives some insight into the title of the album and the state of the industry:

You’re either a robot or a dinosaur,
No middle ground, so the sound ain’t changing no more.

Kokayi – Chanticleer

Hit the jump for some words from Kokayi about this particular track…

“I was thinking about the lack of originality in art. “you try to box me rocky i may weather storms golden boy cocky” but you want me to be just a copy of a copy a biter a thief.”

“i produced the song myself but i wanted that old hard knock life feel on the chorus so my son and daughter aka the young youfs hopped on he track courtesy of their label. My kids are dope so it was an easy choice. they get royalties so labor wasn’t free”

“the most enjoyable part was reworking the ending at the behest of Tonedeff, he wanted it more epic of an ending because its the last song on the record aside from the remix. so it was dope and fun redoing the end.”