Too many flesh suppers? Is there such a thing? I live my life by the motto “Never enough flesh suppers”, but I guess me andĀ Los Campesinos! aren’t on the same page this time around. Still, I like pretty much anything this excitable Welsh band does, with their emotional indie pop rock. Thanks to PMA.

According to Pitchfork, the band said of this track:

“Too Many Flesh Suppers” was recorded during the sessions forĀ Romance Is Boring, and as the band puts it, “it was with a heavy heart we (rightly) decided it didn’t ‘fit’ in the album…So, we’d like for you all to hear it. If you’re gonna blog about this or anything, please don’t say it’s a “new track” or anything like that, because it’s really not. Cheers.”

Los Campesinos! – Too Many Flesh Suppers