I don’t mess with too much Christmas music. I have nothing against it, but growing up, I was smothered with it every holiday season. My dad is one of those people who, in the months leading up to Christmas, will listen to nothing but Christmas music while he whistles along and slaps his knee to the beat. He had a knack for finding radio stations that played nothing but Christmas music. When I was a little kid this was fun. When I was developing into a cool young teen (disgruntled pyromaniac) riding around with my friends while my dad cranked that “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” was kind of traumatic.

But if anyone can pull of a modern Christmas song, it’s Mayer Hawthorne (and Kanye). Put on a sweater, pour a glass of egg nog, and enjoy the smoothness that is Mayer Hawthorne.

Of the song, Mayer says:

All the best Christmas songs were written by Jews, and Chanukah songs suck. This is my favorite Christmas tune, sung over the Vince Guaraldi instrumental.

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