You know when a small part of a song uses just the right combination of chords, words, or sounds that, for some reason, hit the spot? I’m not sure exactly why, but the part of this song that goes, “Understand me when I saaay” does something for me. It’s just perfect, and I think those 5 words make me love the whole song. The Modern Skirts‘ album Gramahawk comes out January 18, 2011.

Gramahawk reintroduces Modern Skirts as a band honest to their musical tastes and to their desire to create and perform both intellectually crafted and inherently catchy songs. Perhaps the most striking aspect of the record is insight into Gulley’s dark, imaginative and humorous brain. A song about Gulley’s second DUI, an ode to ’80s one hit wonder Jane Child, and a stomping, aggressive mantra about taking off his date’s top while being serenaded by a Mariachi band are just the beginning. There is a gleeful and twisted pop evil afoot here.

Modern Skirts – Bumper Car