I have no background info on Malkovich what so ever. I’ll probably update this post in a bit after I get an email back from him.

Anyway, it’s Christmas!!! Merry Christmas to you all!! Today people are either very happy or they’re on that Scrooge McDuck shit! For those of you who haven’t received any gifts this X-mas, I have one for you courtesy of Malkovich which is this pretty nice tracked called “The Gift”.

I get alot of emails containing some horrible music so it makes me not really want to listen to the shit I receive in my inbox. But it’s Xmas & I’m waiting for the food to be ready so I decided to check some shit out. This joint happened to be the 1st joint I listened to & I’m glad that I did.

“The Gift” is off of Malkovich’s upcoming *AYATOLLAH PRESLEY* mixtape which is dropping next month & will be featuring the likes of Prince Po from Organized Konfusion, Gotham Green, P.U.D.G.E., DIbia$e, Omni, & Killer Reese from King Fantastic.

As Malkovich says, “This is the gift…Merry Christmas…Buckle Up!”

Malkovich – “The Gift” | Mediafire

& you can check out more from Malkovich over @ his site!