Decided to start a new feature for the weekends. It’s called “Random”. Fun stuff for you to enjoy on the weekend. Maybe it will be a one time thing. Maybe it will turn into something else. Maybe it will just be like this and happen every weekend. Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas. I’m just gonna do it and see where it goes. Ready?

Lykke Li performing “A Milli” is one of the most attractive things I’ve ever seen. I saw her do this at Lollapalooza last year and I think that was what pushed me from “fan” status to “creeper” status. See the video I took here.

This is hilarious, then at 4:02 it breaks through into some next level shit. Someone should make a full length bird movie set to the sounds of MJ. Enough with these fucking “boy meets girl, things get complicated, things work out” movies. More “birds and Michael Jackson music” movies. Everyone loves birds. Everyone loves MJ. Come on, Hollywood. Get your shit together.

This baby loves Bon Jovi. What a loser.

Sublime performing “40 Oz. To Freedom” in ’95. How cool is it that Brad just lets Lou Dog walk around stage while they perform?

Oh and some music, too.


Jay-Z vs. Oasis – Momma Look Me

Izza Kizza! Looking forward to his next tape.

Izza Kizza – They’re Everywhere