Happy Friday. Here’s one off The Hotcakes’ EP Gonna Go Out. Check out more from them HERE. Sorry for not writing more about songs lately, but I’ve written over 100 pages in the last few days (non-blogging related) and now, whenever I try to write, only stupid, nonsensical things come out. Sooo instead I’ll gank this from their bio:

Formed from a lucky coincidence of broken-up bands and trans-atlantic flights, The Hotcakes got together in 2007 with a shared desire to bring raucous, sexy rock’n’roll back to the streets of New York, and from there take it to the world. Their instantly arresting, driving sound is unafraid of classic roots (Blondie, Queen), yet never fails to be inventive and unexpected in its dark turns and disco twists. Propelled by singer Erin Marsz’s blistering-yet-beautiful voice, The Hotcakes’ songs are diverse tales of heartbreak, secret agents, ghosts and robots.

The Hotcakes – Gonna Go Out

If you live in NY, hit the jump for info about the release party/after party tomorrow night…