This is some pretty weird shit, but you probably like that. If you do, check out more from Beacon on Soundcloud or MySpace.

Beacon is based out of brooklyn ny.  We like screwwing hit singles from bieber or mj, reinterpreting brian ferry or lisa lisa, or creating original jams, like the one I attached. We designed our current live show with appropriated imagery from big budget music videos, concert footage from a bieber show i chaperoned my lil sis @ and Italian gothic horror films of the 1970s, this can be seen in this video, taken from our tour to st. louis.

Our concern is spectacle and how the viewer or producer,and even the critic of spectacle will always harbor sympathies for its unique and possessing qualities.

Beacon – Don’t Say Anything

I thought Justin Bieber chopped and screwed was as weird as Bieber could get. Then it got a little weirder when someone slowed his music down 800%. This video might have taken things to the next level on the Bieber weirdness scale. If you “get” this video, you’re probably a serial killer. Check it out after the jump…