Finally, here is Big Sean‘s mixtape without the DJ tags on it. Credit to iLLRoots. It kind of sucks to have to deal with this bullshit of downloading a tape, listening to it for a while, then deleting it and downloading it again whenever the tagless version comes out. It seems like a pretty common complaint. DJ tags are just obnoxious right? There has to be some solution to this. Like, maybe instead of a blaring airhorn or gunshots or a screaming DJ, the tag could be a less intrusive part of the song? Whatever. I don’t care that much, but I feel like 2011 is time for a change. #Hope.

Hit the jump for the download link and tracklist…

DOWNLOAD: Big Sean – Finally Famous Vol. 3 (Tagless Mixtape)

Update: You have to “unlock” the mixtape here using Facebook and Twitter. You can do that here.

1. Final Hour
2. Meant To Be
3. What U Doin?
4. Money And Sex
5. Five Bucks
6. High Rise
7. Crazy
8. Hometown
9. Supa Dupa Lemonade
10. Fat Raps Remix
11. My Closet
12. Too Fake
13. Fuck My Opponent
14. Made
15. Ambiguous
16. Almost Wrote You A Love Song
17. Memories
18. Shit Got Damn
19. In The Morning
20. Big Nut Bust