I think most music can be broken down into a combination of two things: expression and entertainment. While both are important aspects of music, it seems like a lot of new music is skewed towards the latter, resulting in a lot of “cutting edge” new music that seeks to be appealing and cool instead of honest.

Boy on South isn’t flashy and he isn’t capitalizing on the next big trend in indie music. His lo-fi music is raw and intimate, and despite his webcam recording set up, it’s a really enjoyable listen, rich with sincerity. It reminded me a little of early Mountain Goats stuff. Check out a couple of tracks below, and listen/download more at Boy on South’s Bandcamp.

It’s indie-folk-singer-songwriter-whatever. I don’t have any money so it’s all been recorded on webcams. Thanks for giving me a shot!

Boy on South – Hello Lover

Boy on South – Garcia Lorca