Emay‘s music clicked with me on the first listen. As a longtime fan of underground hip-hop, I’ve always appreciated hip-hop music that goes deeper than most of what we’re accustomed to hearing on the radio or seeing on TV. I enjoy a hot single just as much as the next music consumer. I sing along to catchy choruses by artists that I’ll probably forget by next month. This is not that. Emay immediately struck me as a different breed.

Emay’s flow is both powerful and meditative. His production is dense, layered, and sometimes borderline chaotic. Listening to an Emay song is like calmly sitting in the eye of a storm. It’s not the kind of thing that will click with everyone, but if it resonates with you, you’re going to be a fan. I am. I’m really proud to be presenting Emay’s upcoming project Mind Altering Dynamics, which will be out on Tuesday. Here’s one of my favorites, “So Beautiful”. Potholes In My Blog is also presenting the project, so head over there to grab one of their picks from MAD, and look out for the project on Tuesday.

Emay – So Beautiful