I don’t know how other people get music, or what normal human beings are really listening to, for that matter. I don’t listen to the radio, I get my music pretty much exclusively from the blogosphere. That means, while I’m mostly like 6 months to a year ahead of normal trends, and know wayyyy more bands and artists than the average person I talk to, I’m curiously behind on straight pop music. I’ll be at parties and have no clue what’s going on, but the girl next to me will be all like “I love this song!” and I’ll be like “I’ve never heard this! What blogs do you read?!?!” and to her, the question came out of nowhere because she didn’t even know music blogs existed and then she tells her friends I’m weird and creepy and like the Internet too much and then boom. There’s one more sorority that won’t talk to me. So to stop this from happening to you, I’m pretty positive this song will be really fucking popular. 2DBZ on the tip.

Download: Jay Sean – Hit The Lights (Ft. Lil Wayne) | Mediafire

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