Everyone that went to Lil B’s show last night in New York City keeps saying the same thing about Lil B’s following – it’s a cult. It’s way deeper than the music. It’s not a normal concert, so I’m not even going to try to review it like a normal concert. Yes, the energy was high from the beginning, when B came out and performed “Cold War” and “Ellen Degeneres”. Yes, he performed over ambient backdrops. Yes, everyone knew all the words to “Pretty Boy”. But that doesn’t even begin to paint a picture of what the Lil B show was like. Here’s a rundown of some of the very rare occurrences.

The crowd’s reaction to Lil B’s in-between-songs dialogue was as strong as the reaction to most artists’ performance of the hits. Lil B says “Everybody watchin’ me. I look the best. I rap the best. I have the most videos. I have the most songs. I have the most views. I look the best. I dress the best. I wear the same fucking shoes every day. I wear the same pants every day. And I’m still the fuckin’ boss.” (Watch the video below at 3:27 to see.)

Lil B passed the microphone around to his fans. One fan said “Lil B you can fuck my mom!” Lil B then knighted the fan.

One fan presented his girlfriend to Lil B, who accepted her with open arms on stage. The fan went nuts.

Many fans presented gifts to Lil B throughout the show. He accepted many of them, putting on various necklaces, hats, and a bandana. He signed things throughout the show, sometimes mid song.

One fan gave B a spatula. #cook

Towards the end of the show someone threw a water bottle at Lil B’s face. Immediately, people in the surrounding areas got heated. Lil B smiled, calmly walked to the other side of the stage, cut the music off, and asked why someone would throw a bottle at his pretty face. He then preached positivity for a couple of minutes and got right back into things. A hired PR rep couldn’t have handled it better.

All in all, it was a concert like no other. A lot of people are quick to dismiss Lil B as an ignorant rapper who has no idea what he’s doing and is just popular because he’s so ridiculous. If I took away anything from this concert, it’s that Lil B knows exactly what he’s doing.