2010 is over. It’s kind of crazy how, as I get older, time seems to speed up. Like, when I was 10 years old, a year was incomprehensibly enormous. It was like thinking about space or trying to wrap my head around the number 1,000,000. But now, last year feels strangely like last month, and 2010 seems to have done a little head in the door “Hey guys, what’s up, alright I’m out, peace” stunt before retreating into the tangled web of memories in my head.

The beginning of the year is a good time to step back for a second and evaluate things, so I’m calling a Time Out from regular blogging for a little reflection. Believe it or not, this blogging grind can get stressful. If I had to describe the feeling, I’d place it somewhere between drowning and juggling, and I’ve gotten used to having To Do lists dedicated to P&P activity (although still have not figured out a way to properly manage them, hence the feeling of drowning). I’ve been so caught up with just keeping things moving that I never really get a chance to slow down and just fucking let you know what’s up.

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So here’s what’s up with P&P. Right now I’m thinking more about the long term. I plan on keeping P&P going for as long as possible, and hopefully as things progress, P&P will keep expanding (I’ve always wanted to organize a festival – Pigeons and Planes Festival WILL happen some day, and Lykke Li will perform [nude?]). I’ve also realized that I’m going to need more help (Shoutout to Ramz for being with me on this since the early days. I could have never kept this going with him). You’ve probably noticed some new names under the post titles lately. Midas has been a huge help and we’ve got a few others contributing here and there and more who might join in the future. I’m really looking to find the most creative, passionate people I can to join the P&P team, so if you think you’d be a good fit, let me know. I think it’s important that the readers know about the contributors on the blog, so when everything settles a little, I’ll update that About section up top with a little intro on everyone.

It seems like 2010 brought a lot of change to the blogosphere as a whole. First of all, it’s impossible to ignore the seizure of OnSmash, DaJaz1, and all the others that are being accused of copyright infringement. I’m not going to touch that topic right now, but I will say that it seems to have shaken things up a bit, and if nothing else, bloggers are kind of wondering where we stand in this industry and where the boundaries are. It’s clear that there ARE boundaries, and although not visibly laid out, the events of 2010 choked out the sense of power or entitlement that some bloggers may have had.

In 2010, I’ve seen countless new blogs pop up, make some noise, then disappear. It’s like the life cycle of some kind of short lived, obnoxious insect that lays trillions of eggs that all hatch, engage in consumption, screeching, fucking, and egg laying, then die off in a matter of days only to decay into the dirt or be eaten and turned into shit that ends up in the dirt, allowing some ugly vines or poisonous plants to grow, so when you brush up against them you get a rash. Nothing against new blogs. I remember what it was like starting off and I’m always down to give advice, tips, or answer any questions of bloggers starting out. It’s just that there seems to be so much noise right now, and so many blogs doing the same thing. If I could give advice to anyone starting a blog it’s this: Do something differently.

And then there’s the blogs that have been around for a while. It seems like a lot of blogs have fallen into a nice little routine. Posts are pumped out like sweet cheese curds, and even when the content is there, the passion seems to be missing. Some morph from blogs into websites, and read more like magazines than blogs, and others don’t even bother using words anymore. What I have always loved about blogs is the personal element. I loved the idea of an informal place where people could voice opinions, talk about their passions, and discover new things from people they have come to trust. I want to make sure that I never lose sight of that. I’m going to focus on bringing some new features to Pigeons and Planes to mix things up and I’m always going to keep a random element. P&P will always be a music blog, but if I want to post about my goldfish, I think that’s cool too. As P&P grows, I don’t want to ditch that unprofessional blog mentality. I never want to treat music strictly as a product or as a tool. I love, love, love music so much and I hope that always comes across. If anyone ever has ideas for the blog or features that you think would be a nice addition, feel free to contact me.

Another thing I want to enhance is the interaction. I’m so glad that (finally) the comments started to increase. Without those, it starts to feel like I’m just talking to myself, and when that happens, things tend to get weird. So thank you to everyone who has taken the time to add their own opinion into that little comments section below each post. I want to keep that going in 2011 and to increase interaction beyond the comments box. I’ve tried to start that with the Open Mic series and it has been great so far. I’ve got a few ideas of how to take it a step further, and hopefully we’ll have some more ways for you to get involved soon. I’ve realized how awesome the P&P readership is, so I really want to use your help as much as I can. Again, if anyone has ideas on this, hit me up!

Everyone always says “Last year was amazing, but this year is sure to be even better!” so I’m going to avoid that. I don’t know how 2011 is going to turn out, but I’m going to be trying a lot of new things out and making some major moves, so hopefully they don’t all end up in Fails. Thanks for all the support so far! As corny as it sounds, Pigeons and Planes means a lot to me so I truly appreciate everyone that has helped it become what it is today, even though I realize it’s just a music blog (no it’s not, #somuchmore). Happy 2011!

PS: Stickers will be made. Mass amounts. And I’m not even going to sell them. I’m just gonna give those shits out to whoever wants them. Hopefully this will lead to wild guerrilla advertising, which is one of my favorite things. I’m even planning a contest to see who can pull of the most extreme P&P sticker placement.