This is a few days old, I’d been slacking on keeping up with Odd Future‘s Tumblr and just saw Tyler, The Creator released three (kinda) new tracks.  I know BASTARD was released over a year ago, but I only heard it in 2010 and consider it one of my favorite albums of the year, easily in the top 5 or 10. If I’d had that record my freshman year in high school, I would’ve felt a hell of a lot less alone (freshman year suuucked haha). 5 years later it still hits hard. Anyway, my ears perk up whenever I hear he’s dropped some new shit and these new tracks are good. Let’s Dance and Dem Hoez were rough cuts for BASTARD and Session is a cleaned up version of the track off of the album, with a new verse from OFWGKTA member Mike G. Check em out below. TC with the heads up on this one.

Tyler, The Creator – Let’s Dance | Mediafire

Tyler, The Creator – Dem Hoez | Mediafire

Tyler, The Creator – Session (Ft. Hodgy Beats & Mike G) | Mediafire

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