Not gonna lie, I’m not the biggest fans of mashups. I’m not going to get into the argument on whether or not it’s a musical art form, because it clearly is. However, it’s really easy to jump on the formula and I generally feel like 95% of mashups offer nothing in terms of skill or creativity. That being said, The White Panda are good at mashups. Really good. Here, they take what’s probably the biggest dubstep track of last year, Flux Pavilion‘s rework of DJ Fresh’s ‘Gold Dust,’ and throw some Weezy on it.

Download: White Panda – Fire Dust | Mediafire

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One of my favorite mashups in recent memory, it combined Gold Panda, who I love, and Lil B. It’s like my musical obsessions of 2010 summarized. This was the track that turned me into a full-fledged Lil B fan from just someone who thought he was insane and funny.