I realized today that I have been grossly overestimating the size of a tablespoon. I’ve always tried to avoid taking out my measuring tool, which features different sized plastic spoons, all dangling from a ring like a clumsy key chain or a children’s toy. I don’t want to deal with that. I keep it tucked away in a high cabinet with cheese graters, ice cream scoopers, and other things I find unappealing. So I use a spoon. Big spoon = tablespoon, small spoon = tea spoon. Today, out of curiosity, I compared my big spoon to the real tablespoon. Not even close.

I say this because – and hang in there, because this is gonna be a stretch – I feel like a lot of people are grossly over and underestimating a lot of what they come across in hip-hop these days. It seems like the underground that I knew when I was younger is dying. People are only interested in mainstream acts and up and coming hypemonsters, and they assume that if they haven’t heard a name before, it probably isn’t worth checking out. The point is, you don’t know what you’re dealing with until you accurately measure it for yourself. Ugh, this whole metaphor is sinking quickly. I’m gonna go ahead and hop off board now. Hopefully you get the point. Don’t make assumptions, fuck spoons, measure out your spices, underground hip-hop, etc. and all that.

Here are some tracks that I came across in my inbox that might not have the hype, but definitely deserve a listen. Just check it out, and tell me it’s not better than half the shit that’s buzzing right now. Pigeons and Planes.

“Read More” for the music…

The production on this first one reminds me of Dilla’s production on “Drop”, and a Dilla comparison is never a bad thing. Get Jitta’s mixtape here. And don’t fuck around with white lighters. But you already know that though.

Jitta On The Track ft. G-Riot – White Lighter

This next one is from Sweatshop Union‘s upcoming Bill Murray EP. Sweatshop Union is from Vancouver, BC. Definitely going to keep my eyes out for more from these guys. Nuts.

The first song leaked off The Bill Murray EP is Makeshift Kingdom, a synth heavy mushroom trip through the cosmos that leaves you beating your chest for more. Gorillas on parade. Mos Eisley & Conscience are at their best, laying sharp lyrics over the Pigeon Hole produced track. Hands down the Billest.

Sweatshop Union – Makeshift Kingdom

Chip Locke is outta Portland and you can download his mixtape, Your Neighborhood Drug Dealerhere. This shit reminds me of the underground hip-hop I used to listen to back in the day. Dusty beat, no flash, no bullshit, no catchy chorus for your corny ass to sing along with, but the snare cracks.

Chip Locke – Number One

“Nice Guys Finish Last” is from Mouse Sucks‘ upcoming mixtape  The Ginyu Force. It starts off with what sounds like a “Could You Be Loved” sample, and quickly veers off into some smoothness. A little bit of an old school feel with a young kid twist.

Mouse Sucks – Nice Guys Finish Last