Alright, let’s get honest for a second. Big Sean. He’s on the verge of what could be a huge break out. I’m a fan. His delivery is precise, he’s got a crisp enunciation, his punchlines are daggers, and once you get past the Drake comparisons (let’s not get back to the argument of who was first) it’s hard to deny that Big Sean is a serious contender for a top position in the young wave of hip-hop.

After hearing him on the GOOD Music BET Cypher back in October, I was excited. Remember that line…

“Whoever told you sky’s the limit is lookin’ dumb,
‘Cause I’m 22 and I’m moonwalking on the sun.”

Plus, “Bullshittin” was my undisputed jam for a solid chunk of time. Now this, the first single from Big Sean’s debut albumĀ Finally Famous (out in March). It’s by no means bad, but raise your hand if this is your favorite new song. Hopefully this is just the lead single to get played on radio for a month, but I can’t imagine anything more bland. It’s like someone took Big Sean, crammed him into a Magic Bullet, liquefied him, poured him into a generic beverage bottle, filled the rest of the bottle with water, then put Chris Brown on the chorus. We’ve seen far too many young emcees get watered down once they start to get big, but I have faith in the GOOD Music team. I’m going to delete this one and hope for the best. Here’s the explicit version, credit to Mr. X.

DOWNLOAD: Big Sean ft. Chris Brown – My Last | Mediafire

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