Here’s the thing about P&P – we don’t run a tight ship. I prefer it that way. I blog reckless. I make myself accessible.┬áIf you want to contact me you can do it through email, Facebook, or Twitter. There’s no script, there’s no official submission method, and there is very little order. I see more and more blogs turning into websites, taking on a more professional tone, and becoming more and more predictable. I don’t want that for Pigeons and Planes. Things get a little disorderly around here from time to time, but we’ll figure it out. For now, we stay focused on the music.

Last night I was looking for some new music and put out an open call on Twitter. This was one of the standout submissions. Capital Ode (pronounced: Kap- Tal Oh-Dee) is an artist from Brooklyn and this is his first single. He’s got a confident, unrushed flow that flirts with a 3 Stacks vibe from time to time. So many young rappers try to fake their way through a verse, putting on their best “rapper voice” and mimicking flows that have been spit to death. Something about Capital Ode seems completely natural, and I fuck with it. Check out “Success Or Death” below.

Capital Ode – Success Or Death