Earlier today, someone asked me in the Shoutbox what I thought about Mac Miller, noticing that I don’t post his music. I’ve never been a fan. I’ve always grouped him with Sam Adams as one of those cocky, obnoxious rappers that gets hype more due to his style and image than his skills or creativity. I think of it as the kind of hip-hop tailor made for bros. Hip-hop that, instead of being focused on art, expression, or creativity, is focused on “Look, I’m cool. I do cool shit”. That’s fine when it’s a few songs, but not when it’s the only message you’ve got. Now, keep in mind, this was just my first impression of him. I decided to finally cave and post this one for a couple of reasons:

1) I hate acting like my opinion matters more than anyone else’s (I’m wrong at least 50% of the time), so I wanted to get some feedback from you guys. What do you think of Mac Miller? Is my first impression way off? Should I dig a little deeper and get into Mac’s music?

2) I like the sound of this track. (Saw it at Above and Beyond).

DOWNLOAD: Mac Miller – Donald Trump | Mediafire

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Edit: When Barrker sent this over to me, I had to add it to the post. Can’t say Mac Miller doesn’t have musical talent. Hit the jump to watch him play the piano…