I get a lot of emails every day, and most of them look pretty similar. The email containing this track looked a little different. It read:

“God i’m gonna eat you up, then i’m gonna do your drugs”

Ok, you got my attention. I checked it out, and ended up really digging this track from More Amor (the email title was lyrics, by the way). It’s some catchy, West Coast, cool kids kind of stuff. Sounds like something @JennsDrunk would like. That’s the second time I’ve mentioned her today. I’m gonna go text her and tell her how much I miss her.

More Amor’s infectious, beat-driven songs are the creation of Tom Oakes and Kyle Lobeck — two young, talented minds that have come together as one. The LA (by way of Las Vegas) duo holed up in a tiny apartment in Hollywood with the intent of creating music inspired by partying, young hollywood, trees, madness, and everything in between.

After fully reaching their collective vision, the two gentlemen (one of whom is a Libra) decided to release these ideas into the wild, and let the songs take on a life of their own. Drawing influences from Tegan and Sara, the Beatles, and Blink 182 might seem like an odd combination, but this combination resulted in something magical, much like unicorns, gnomes, and Kobe Bryant.

The band will be hitting the road shortly in support of their new mixtape, “Thanks?”, which will be available for free download on 2/10 at MoreAmorMusic.com

More Amor – Young Hollywood

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