Here’s the weekly track from Swizzy, who’s doing that thing that all the rappers do these days, with a day of the week designated for a new release. It’s cool, I understand. I have Fish Fridays (eat some fish every Friday) and Mussels Monday (same thing, but with mussels and Monday. Bad choice on this one. Mussels are not a good weekly food, but I already wrote it on my calendar for the next two months, so I persevere). Probably I should think of weekly things other than seafood, but for some reason that’s the first place my mind goes.

Apparently this track was originally made for Nas, but Swizz wasn’t happy with the energy on it. It’s not new, and was put out a couple years ago on a mixtape, but this is the final/mastered version. There’s more info about this one over at Nah Right. I gotta go see if my mussels are ready.

DOWNLOAD: Nas ft. Swizz Beats – Top Down | Mediafire