Here’s the official video for Kidd Russell’s “Backyard Heroes”, the title track off of his *Backyard Heroes* LP. Kidd Russell may not be the best singer, but the lyrics to this song (story) & the visual is definitely something that I can relate to (although there aren’t any backyards where I’m from).

“The Official video for “Backyard Heroes” the title song off Kidd Russell’s album Backyard Heroes. The song is a reflective story similar to Rudy, The Sandlot and is about Kidd Russell & his best friends growing up. The story is centered around football. Kidd Russell’s is a former college football player. Although, injuries cut his career short his best friend Aaron Moorehead went on to play in the NFL for 6 years. Another of his best friends Colt Cabana, seen in the video, went on the WWE & Kidd himself is a Alternative hip hop artist. This is a very American story that any athlete will relate too.”