It’s official, Childish Gambino isn’t fucking around. This is the last time I’m even going to mention that Childish Gambino is actor/comedian Donald Glover. Sometimes, celebrity status can create more attention for side projects. When entering the arena of hip-hop, it’s almost a handicap. It’s not easy to take a comedian seriously. Just like it’s hard to watch¬†DMX in a movie without thinking, “Look at this crazy ass barking rapper getting his acting on”. Donald has proved that he’s dead serious about his music and his talent disintegrates any preconceptions that might’ve been lurking in your head. I can’t wait to get into this EP. I’ll be in the comments section if anyone wants to discuss.

Listen to the first track from Freaks and Geeks here…

DOWNLOAD: Childish Gambino – Be Alone | Mediafire

Hit the jump for the back cover/download links…

DOWNLOAD: Childish Gambino – Freaks and Geeks (EP)

DOWNLOAD: Childish Gambino РFreaks and Geeks (EP)

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