New music from Frank Ramz! I am actually in the middle of writing a 10 page paper that is due later today. I shouldn’t even be listening to music, so posting it now was out of the question. Then Ramz Tweeted:

Patience? I can’t even wait long enough for my clothes dry before stopping my dryer and throwing on a soaking wet shirt. I’ve never eaten toast because by the time my toaster gets warm I decide that I’d rather just eat bread. I walk up four flights of stairs every day to get to my apartment, not because the elevator is on a different floor, but because I press the button and the doors take too long to open. I run red lights, fast forward movies, and when I’m put on hold I hang up immediately and call back 1 second later. You really think I’d make you wait for new Ramz? Hell no. Patience is for suckers.

This joint was intended to be on *Quite Frankly…* but I didn’t feel like it fit the mood & everything of the project as a whole. So I decided to give it to DJ Papa Bear for a compilation mixtape full of up and coming Bronx artists called *Hottest Out The X*. Anyway, this joint is called “Fresh Everyday” and it’s produced by Kid Nova.

Frank Ramz – Fresh Everyday