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Here’s the new mixtape from G-Eazy featuring some nice indie samples. Some people seem to be getting sick of this indie-sampling hip-hop trend/movement/whatever it is that’s going on. Personally, I welcome it. As far as music genres go, hip-hop is still in the relatively early stages of evolution, and I think bringing in new influences can only strengthen the music as a whole.

Groups like Rich Kid Sound System and The Wild take it a step further and incorporate an original indie rock/pop sound into their music, and this kind of experimentation is just going to make hip-hop even more diverse in terms of sound. I know you 90’s hip-hop heads love the dusty boom bap beats and jazz/funk samples, but we don’t want things getting stagnant, right? Right. As more hip-hop artists hop on board the indie train, it might get played out, but let’s see where it leads. What do you think? Be sure to check out the new Intuition tape for more indie-meets-hip-hop excellence.

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Stream/download the whole thing via Soundcloud below. Also, got you this Mediafire link if that’s more your style:

DOWNLOAD: G-Eazy – The Outsider (Mixtape)