I read a study once, explaining how Swedish people are born with an innate pop sensibility. It all boils down to some kind of genetic predisposition which gives them superior pop-song crafting abilities. It’s science. The rest of us non-Swedes can do little but sit back and enjoy, while focusing our own efforts on other hobbies such as model airplane building, chess, or baking.

For more evidence supporting this study, look no further than Icona Pop. So good, it can only be explained by Swedish genetics. Shoutout to Midas for the heads up.

On the lead side is the triumphant “Manners”, an anthemic call to arms for jilted lovers everywhere that has been owning our hearts and minds since the day it first graced our ears. It’s absolutely immense… cascading drums and oscillating synths give the track it’s backbone while the singalong “ba ba baaa” chorus will stick with you for months.

DOWNLOAD: Icona Pop – Manners | Mediafire

(Neon Gold)