Manchester Orchestra‘s “Simple Math” was cool, but for those of us that wanted a little more energy from Man O, this is the jam. Right from the start, you can tell that “April Fool” is going to kick your ass. It’s from the upcoming album Simple Math, out May 10.

Speaking of April Fools, tomorrow is April Fools’ Day (that’s called a segue). Any ideas for good jokes? Usually I take things way too far and do stuff that really isn’t as much funny as it is harmful or inappropriate. Like, “April Fools! I broke into your house and peed on you while you were sleeping!” or “April Fools! I broke your television and buried it in the forest!” I have lost many friends on April Fools’ Day, but still I think it’s an epic holiday!

Oh, right, the song. I was going to embed it but it’s one of those players that starts playing automatically. Nobody likes that. You can listen to it over here…

Manchester Orchestra – April Fool