Here’s the latest from Panda Bear, of Animal Collective fame. It’ll be out 3/28, and Panda’s Tomboy will be out 4/12. It sounds delicious, like The Beach Boys trapped in a kaleidoscope, on acid. It might seem drenched in a lot of excess noise if you’re not accustomed to the sound, but with a couple listens, the powerful melodies overcome.

I’ve fallen in love with a lot of Panda Bear and Animal Collective’s music via headphones lying on the beach or in bed late at night. At least for me, it’s that kind of music. Maybe because most people I know don’t seem to be into it. Shit, you guys like Panda Bear, no?(Stereogum)

You can download “Last Night At The Jetty” here…

Panda Bear – Last Night At The Jetty

Hit the jump to stream a few other tracks from the album…

“You Can Count On Me”

“Slow Motion”

“Alsatian Darn”