Ellie Goulding Q&A

Interview by Lil’ Elle (djlilelle.com or @DJLilElle)

British songstress Ellie Goulding first hit the P&P radar back in October 2009 with the discovery of a few cover songs. However, she really grabbed our attention about 6 months later when our Philly faves, Chiddy Bang, put together a killer remix of her track “Under the Sheets”. Ellie’s first album Lights hit number 1 on the UK charts after being released there last year and it just dropped in the US (get it here), almost exactly a year after we posted the Chiddy Bang remix.

I caught up with Ellie to chat about her music and upcoming US tour dates while she was on the way home from a long day at the office and heading to the gym.

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You collab with Nike while you’re on tour to do running events in each city. It’s a pretty neat idea, how did that happen?

Yeah, it’s a such a good way to keep fit. It’s a good way to meet fans so that it’s not intimidating or weird or awkward and we can all run together and it’s fun. I don’t care, I get so much stick for it because it’s kinda like “dorky” but I don’t really care because it’s really fun.

You come to the States in April on tour with your first stop in San Francisco and then to Coachella, have you played shows in the US yet? [Ed note: since this interview she booked other events in the US starting with SXSW through March]

I played a show in LA and I played a show in New York and they went really well. It was really amazing energy and it was just really exciting. I had the most fun. I just kinda can’t wait to come back now. I’m just really excited to have the adventure and to meet American fans and kinda get people on board.

Did you notice a big difference in the British scene compared to the American scene?

Yeah the British scene is a lot more reserved and people don’t like to show their reactions that much, I don’t know why. But in America everyone’s a lot more open and a lot more excitable. I don’t know, it’s kind of a shame really because sometimes you do a show and don’t really know because the reaction can be really like rubbish. But in America you kind of know and it ends up being a really good show and you kind of bounce off the energy and end up performing better.

Your cover of Elton John’s “Your Song” is your first single, what made you choose that particular song?

Well I actually didn’t choose to cover it, I did it for a retailer, John Lewis in the UK, and they decided they really loved my version of it. Quite a few girls did it and they decided they liked mine the most. They used it in an advert and it became crazy over here because it was on every day and everyone was like “who’s that singer?” and all my music before had been really electronic so when that came out and everyone heard my voice…

Have you heard from Elton John in regards to the song?

Yeah, he said it was a really good version. He actually said something really nice, he was just like “it was a really good… [Ed note: She said a bunch of stuff here quickly with a strong British accent. Probably the best quote of the interview and I can’t understand it to save my life.]

When you perform are you backed by a band or live music, how does it work?

Yeah it’s me and a backing band and a couple singers. We try to make everything as live as possible. When we come to the States we’ll have to budget a bit. We worked with some string quartets and mixed in different songs and the live set is kind of remixed in, it all blends together.

There have been a ton of remixes of your songs, I saw you tweet about the Bassnectar one and the Chiddy Bang one was pretty popular over here. How do you feel about everyone wanting to remix your songs?

Oh yeah, I love that one [with Chiddy Bang]. I know, it’s really cool. Me and my manager really enjoy remixes generally so we pay attention to all the remixes that come through and we spend a lot of time listening to them. It’s really fun that people do that with my songs. I’ve heard some really awesome remixes so far.

I’m pretty excited for your album to be released in the States.

Yeah me too, I really don’t know what it’s like over there in terms of like, people’s reactions to me. I don’t know how many people know about me or anything. I guess I’m just really excited about coming over and I’m just really excited about the different phases of my career so far and then in America. I’m just looking forward to seeing people’s reactions to the live show.

Here are Ellie’s US tour dates:

3/16 – Austin, TX – SXSW
3/17 – Austin, TX – SXSW
3/18 – Austin, TX – SXSW
3/19 – Austin, TX – SXSW
3/22 – Washington,DC – Rock And Roll Hotel – SOLD OUT
3/23 – Boston, MA – Paradise Rock Club – SOLD OUT
3/24 – New York, NY – Webster Hall – SOLD OUT
3/25 – Philadelphia, PA – World Café Live Downstairs
3/27 – Toronto, ON – Phoenix Theatre – SOLD OUT
3/30 – Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall – SOLD OUT
3/31 – Minneapolis, MN – Fine Line Music Café
4/2 – Boulder, CO – Fox Theater
4/3 – Salt Lake City, UT – Avalon Theatre
4/10 – Vancouver, BC – Venue
4/11 – Seattle, WA – Neumos Crystal Ball Reading Room
4/13 – Portland, OR – Doug Fir Lounge
4/14 – San Francisco, CA – Rickshaw Stop (Popscene) – SOLD OUT
4/16 – San Diego, CA – Casbah
4/17 – Indio, CA – COACHELLA
4/20 – Los Angeles, CA – The Music Box