Today I’ve been on a mixtape binge. Usually, I don’t fuck around with full mixtapes unless I know the artist. I see this as an essential part of time management. Also, listening to random mixtapes reminds me of blindly reaching my hand into a snake hole. Sure, I might get lucky and find some snacks or rare artifacts, but most likely I will get bit by a fucking snake. But my day was spent trains and on foot (even picked up a tape off the street), so I decided to give some random mixtapes a chance. Ugh. This is why I do not stick my hands into snake holes. This is why I do not listen to random mixtapes.

In desperate need of indie relief, I came across this gem. It’s got a little Modest Mouse flavor to it, but it’s a lot brighter. The Heavenly States are releasing their EP Oui Camera Oui on April 19. Confusion predicts that most people won’t fall in love with the EP until the next day. Credit to¬†The Ninja.

DOWNLOAD: The Heavenly States – Model Sun | Mediafire