Dear Shoutbox (the little box on the side of the site where people can chat),

I’m sorry for calling you guys idiots. But admit it, you usually act like idiots – always linking me to horrible sites, telling me about your boy’s new remix, seeing if you can get away with curse words by replacing letters with symbols (eg: pu$$y, @ss). You’re like the annoying little brother that tags along and never stops blabbing. But I still love you.

Tonight, you came through again, this time telling me to check out The Weeknd, an R&B act that Drake has been putting out on his blog. Good stuff. Who The Weeknd actually is does not seem to be clear yet, and even though there’s been plenty attention, there is still very little information. Word on the web is that they’re out of Toronto.

Between this and that great new Frank Ocean mixtape, I’m gonna be listening to much more R&B than usual. Listen/download a few tracks below.

The Weeknd – Wicked Games

The Weeknd – Loft Music

The Weeknd – The Morning