Whaaat. Is that a Mumford and Sons sample I hear? (Yes, it is.) Timbo, you crazy. Seems like this song isn’t getting a great reaction. Timbaland‘s singing is a little awkward, but I think it’s a pretty cool concept. What do you think? I keep asking you guys this and you keep ignoring me lately. You used to leave so many more comments. Is it something I said? You’re making me look like an assblogger talking to himself. Fuck you guys, I’ve always tried to be polite but honestly, I’ve always disliked you.*

Here’s the new Timbaland track. Check it out, but don’t tell me what you think of it.

Timbaland – “Not My Happiness”

(Free OnSmash)

*Just kidding. I love you even though you ignore me. You know that. We can get through this.