Happy weekend! Hope you all didn’t get punked too badly on April Fools’ Day. I’m planning a trip to Florida later this month and my mom told me that Lykke Li was playing a special show at this small venue in Tampa. She said she got me tickets. Then she followed it up with a text that said “APRIL FOOLS!” Ugh, Mom, you dick. Oh well, now I know to never trust her. Here, I got you these mash-ups. Enjoy.

First up is a new mash from DJ Fergie Ferg. Check him out on Facebook.

This track features a lot of my own production, rather than a straight AvB Mashup. It includes added synth, drums, sweeps, and other instrumentation.  This songs samples Busta Rhymes -Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See and Kate Nash – Merry Happy. This song will be the first single from my upcoming mixtape release “English Babes and American Blokes.” The mixtape features songs with American Male Rappers and English Female Singers. It is not all mashups, there are some remixes, covers, samples in there as well. Mixtape drops April 4th.

DJ Fergie Ferg – Watching Me (Busta Rhymes x Kate Nash

Second one is from DJ D.veloped. Check out more here.

My name is D.veloped. I DJ,mix, produce, edit, and create all types of music. I mix almost every genre of music and typically enjoy mixing with hiphop vocals. Electro/rap, all the way to southern rock/hip hop. ACDC with big L. Maybe even Wu-tang and annie. My music can guarantee your head will be rolling around once you’re done listening.

DJ D.veloped – Bring Em’ Home (Gold Jacket Remix) (T.I. x Edward Sharpe)