I have always been very susceptible to peer pressure. I hate to admit it, because everyone likes to think of themselves as grounded individuals, unable to be persuaded by the people around them – islands made of rock only willing to change under extreme conditions that we can most likely trace back to those fucking tectonic plates. I don’t know where we got this “Don’t listen to your friends” idea from. Probably anti-cigarette advertisements. It’s crazy though.

Most of the time, my friends have good ideas, so why be all pissy about it just because it wasn’t my proposal? I like to look at it as “going with the flow”. Sure, sometimes these ideas lead to forest fires, arrests, broken bones, and mental breakdowns, but with every “Yes, I’m down” comes experience, knowledge, and life stories.

Anyways, the point is: I’ve learned that part of applying pressure to your peers involves setting a mood. Mash-ups are perfect. They are familiar enough to ensure that your target is comfortable, but still fresh, triggering an open-mindedness that you’ll need to move forward. It’s still the weekend, so try it out. Turn on some mash-ups and suggest something crazy. I like to try to involve knives in most of my plans, but that’s just me. Do you.

DJ Radiodread sent over this mixtape of mashes and after listening to a few I downloaded the whole thing. Check out some samples, download the whole thing, and go convince your friends to do stupid things! Happy weekend.


The Blueprint IV [Common x Jay-Z x Asher Roth]

Ain’t No Rest For The Top [TI x Cage The Elephant x Shad x Dallas Green]

What You Need_ [Blink 182 x Twista x Kanye West x Robotic Pirate Monkey]

High Road Hustlin’ [Wiz Khalifa x Brand Nu x Broken Bells]


DOWNLOAD: DJ Radiodread – Monster Muzik (Mixtape)