YO DOOM! If you know anything about DOOM, you know the Golden Rule: You do not talk about DOOM, you quote him.

I actually just made that up right now, but I think it should definitely be a rule, and I’m going to follow it as soon as this post ends. Don’t even bother hitting the comment section with talk about DOOM. Breaking Golden Rules usually just brings bad things like cavities, cysts, boils, and aneurysms. MF DOOM. MM FOOD.

This remix is ugly and dangerous. Hide ya face.

The mask is like Jason
He told the place not to let the basket type case in
He might be some type of wacko
Looking for a chance to heat the pipes like a crack ho*

DOOM – “Vomit” (3:33 Remix)

(One Thirty BPM)

*Observation for hardcore DOOM fans. The lyrics in this compared to the lyrics in the “Vomitspit” from MM..FOOD are slightly different. Nothing major, but a few word changes. I only noticed because I was trying to quote. I don’t know where these 3:33 dudes got this a cappella from – kind of weird though. Okay, no more DOOM talk from now on.