If you like deals and music, you might be interested in this. I do not really like either, so I decided to pass this on to you. A giveaway specifically for P&P readers.

GroopEase is a new music service that hopes to solve some of the problems people face when trying to find new music and unknown artists face when trying to promote their new music.  When you sign up at the website, you’ll get 2-3 emails per week, each containing a free mp3 from a relatively unknown artist, and if you like what you hear, you’ll have the option of purchasing the full album for $5.

This giveaway is for 50 credits, each credit being worth $1. So, it’s basically like “Hey, here’s $50, but you can only spend it on $5 albums.” It’s a good thing, because I know you probably would have just purchased drugs and hand jobs had you not been given this restriction. Good luck, and let me know what you think of this GroopEase idea. It seems like a Groupon or Gilt kind of concept, only for music. Could be cool.