Everyone has a love/hate relationship with kisses. Every guy loves those kissing sessions with the fine looking lady you met at the bar. I can bet everyone hates those kisses your Grandma gives you on holidays or when that dog jumps on your lap and has his way with your face. But one type of kisses I truly love is Lizard Kisses. I love their sound, and it is so low-key compared to the hip-hop music I usually listen to.

The Lizard Kisses are set to release their new CD-Record. I have never seen this done by any other artist. Adam Pettis at Corporate Records cuts grooves on CDs, allowing you to play the CD on both your CD player and your record player. They used the record portion for an exclusive song available only on the CD titled, “Hirono”. If you don’t believe them or would like to see it, check it out here. You can purchase this album for only $5 here. Below is their single “Slow Bones” for your downloading pleasure.

Lizard Kisses – “Slow Bones”