First off, don’t worry, this is not a Jay-Z cover, I repeat this is NOT a Jay-Z cover.

Good. Now down to business. You may have noticed two very beautiful people on your computer screen. They are a new girl band called Oh My! and this first track from them is a pop tune, but a pop tune that’s a bit rough around the edges, slightly punky, probably has a couple of piercings, some tattoos and dabbles in occasional light drug use. That’s obviously a compliment right?

Listen and download “Run This Town” below, and hit the jump for a bit more info, a short note from Oh My! and a pretty cool minute long (strip)teaser* video. What do you think?

Oh My! – “Run This Town”

* I believe this is called “false advertising”.

Named after a lyric from one of their favourite songs, the Tweet and Missy Elliot anthem ‘Oops (Oh My)’, Alex and Jade are two friends from school who have planted their modern pop sound on 679 artists – the home of Plan B, Marina and The Diamonds, Little Boots and The Streets.

And here’s that note from Oh My!