If you follow this blog, you probably know I’m kind of obsessed with pigeons. I’ve always liked them – I was always the stupid kid feeding them while everyone else shooed them away because they are dirty and “probably carry diseases”. If you ever got a fucking disease from a pigeon you probably shouldn’t be doing whatever you were doing with that pigeon.

The title of the blog is more of a symbolic thing (you can read about it here), but it’s taken on a lot of meaning for me. It’s strange, I know, but the Pigeon represents a lot to me, and this has only strengthened my obsession. I even have a painting of a pigeon hanging on my wall.

A couple of days ago, two pigeons were hanging out on my balcony. Obviously, I was happy to see them. They were cooing and acting foolish – clearly up to something, but every time I got close to the window they would freeze and act innocent like, “Oh us? We’re just a couple of birds hanging out. Nothing going on here.” When they flew off, I noticed a bunch of little twigs laying around. Today, I confirmed what I had suspected – they are nesting on my balcony. I don’t know how common this is, but it’s crazy that out of all people, out of all balconies in my building, the pigeons are nesting here. Welcome, friends. What do you want to do? Eat bread, maybe?

I’m obviously too excited about this, and it probably makes me seem even weirder than I already seem to you, so instead of putting all my pigeon nest updates on here or on Twitter or Facebook, I’m going to start a Tumblr to track the progress. I intend to keep it simple and update with pictures of the progress, but things will probably get weird. I will probably name the birds and tell stories about them. If that interests you check it out here. Also, if that interests you, you’re weird.

“Hi, I’m Jacob. I run a music blog. I also have a Tumblr that tracks the progress of a couple of pigeons nesting on my balcony.” Ugh, what’s wrong with me?

Head over to PigeonNest.tumblr.com to see the updates.

UPDATE: Oh damn, before I could publish this post the pigeon laid an egg!! Shit just got real.