I posted the J.Cole assisted track last week, and since then SYOR has been in heavy rotation. This group definitely deserves a little more shine. On paper/screen, they read kind of awkwardly – a virtual band with a new mixtape set in the year 3020. “The group of four consist of vocalists Maza and Kid.Digit-Ø, as well as producers 07017 and Ceddy. Hailing from the Desolate Zone of Octagon City, SYOR intends on spreading their message worldwide while daring listeners to be bold and defiant.” It might sound like some kind of slightly-more-nerdy version of Gorillaz. But it’s not. Check it out before you jump to any conclusions.

SYOR is signed to J.Cole‘s Dreamville label, and their futuristic theme is boosted by the musical backdrops of Ratatat, whose music was used for all the beats. They’ve got both bars and melody, and the content runs deep. Part Lupe, part Cudi… and part Gorillaz. Check out a few of my favorites, and download the whole tape below.

StartYourOwnRebellion – “If You Want Too”

StartYourOwnRebellion – “Live Like An Outlaw”

StartYourOwnRebellion – “Far From Over”

StartYourOwnRebellion – “Right Here”

DOWNLOAD: StartYourOwnRebellion – LP3020

Hit the jump to watch the video for “Right Here”…