Marijuana has become a large part of pop culture in recent years. With about one state a year adopting the medical marijuana law and California trying to legalize it for recreational use last year, an open mindedness about the subject is becoming more mainstream. Being a smoker of that green stuff, I enjoy all the marijuana music I can get my hands on from Bob Marley, Cypress Hill, to artists like T.H.C.

Thomas Hipnosis Carter aka T.H.C released his latest mixtape called Above the Influence. I feel it is only right that we support some marijuana music this month for 4.20, so here’s “Pass That”, THC’s single off Above the Influence. He mixes reggae and rap together to make a perfect blend for the occasion.

Confusion edit: I knew I had to give this post to Green.

T.H.C – Pass That

Mixtape: T.H.C – Above the Influence