Blogging has turned into a perpetual search for new reasons to post Lykke Li. The only reason I post other music these days is to mask, as best I can, my obsession with the Scandinavian love of my life. I could give a fuck about new music. Who cares, right? Just put it up, and wait patiently for another reason to post my Lykke. For months, I’ve had this folder on my desktop full of Lykke Li pictures. I’m so creepy. If you ever read this, Lykke, know that I’m mostly just kidding. That’s not true – I can’t lie to you.

I decided that it’s time for a best pictures post. It started with my 10 favorite Lykke pics, but you know how that goes. It’s like picking your 3 favorite Beatles songs. Impossible. So here are my 28 favorite Lykke Li pictures.

And there you have (maybe except for this or this) my creepiest post ever.

Hit the jump for the pics…


UPDATE: This slideshow no longer works, but don’t worry, we re-upped with an even better post: