Let’s just keep the weekend going, okay? If we pretend like Monday isn’t coming, maybe it won’t. What you know about Rad Omen? This track is big. Electronic banger laced with hip-hop.

Born out of the mouths of wolves and serpents.
Raised up by degenerates and whores in the gutters of your forgotten cities.
Among the spawn of your outcast, your rebuked, your lepers.
Breaking bread with gangsters, hustlers, real motherfuckers.
Scorned by your fearful leaders, and your simple masses.
Bearing no marking, no number, no names.
Only one sign, the Rad Omen.
For we are many, for we are many.

The ’87 Stick Up Kids (ft. Amanda Blank and Micah James) x Afrojack – “Psycho Killer (Rad Omen Edit)”