Pigeons and Planes, The Culture Of Me, Soundcloud, and The Chain Gang Of 1974 has some good stuff for you. I’ve never managed to get a clear idea of who exactly reads Pigeons and Planes, but I imagine you guys are mostly idiots, incapable of even the simplest task like keeping the drool from dribbling out of the corners of your mouths. But I’m gonna take a chance on you. Ready? If you’ve got any skills with music, keep reading. Droolers – love you guys too, but no need to read on. Back to your cage.

Basic rules: Remix the Chain Gang Of 1974’s track “Undercover”, upload it to www.thechaingangof1974.com, and get people to vote for you.

Hit the jump for the details and everything you’ll need to do your remixing business…


Download the “Undercover” stems from the Soundcloud widget below, make a remix, and upload that remix to www.thechaingangof1974.com. People will be able to vote on www.thechaingangof1974.com.

If you want to flip it into a dubstep nightmare, go for it. Add in a rapper and turn it into a strip club anthem? Fine. Take the acapella and just add cowbell? Nope, that’s my idea, but be creative. Can’t wait to listen.

The winner will receive:

– $250
– 1 pass to Lollapalooza
– A deluxe white vinyl edition of the new Chain Gang of 1974 record Wayward Fire
– Their remix debut on Pigeons & Planes and The Culture Of Me. (Best prize of all, right? Nope, prob the cash.)

The contest will run from 5/31 – 6/21, right into the street date of The Chain Gang Of 1974 record Wayward Fire. Ready? Go.

Undercover Stems by THECHAINGANGOF1974

Download: The Chain Gang of 1974 – Undercover Stems package

Let’s get a P&P reader to take this one. Make me proud. If anyone wants to bounce any sounds off me before entering, you know my email. If you don’t know my email and can’t find it, you’re probably one of the droolers – maybe just hit the couch and play with your dog’s toys. Good luck!