Fab‘s “You Be Killin Em” is one of those songs that just welcomes a good introduction. It’s been done before, shoutout to Hot 97, but not quite like this. Its Overture creates an epic, almost 2 minute long intro that gains momentum with an uptempo build-up before settling in to the original. You may sit confused for the first minute and a half, but wait for that break right before the 2 minute mark. Niiice.

If you ever need to bring a party down from electro rager into a hip-hop club scene, you’re going to need this in your arsenal.¬†How to get that party from hip-hop club scene to hippie drum circle is still a mystery, but I suggest shrooms and Nag Champa.

Thinking that such an intro deserved an intro of its own, we put together this little tempo tool that goes heavy on the build up (flipped to a BPM of 125) and uses the original track as its climax. By adding a context-appropriate Barrington Levi sample to serve as a verbal air horn of sorts, hopefully we achieved the rare feat of making a tempo tool just as equally headphone worthy.