Not much info on this one that Hodgy posted to his Tumblr earlier today, except that the production is by Michael Uzowuru and it’s called “April 27”. It could be from Hodgy’s upcoming solo album, but maybe not. Production is pretty crazy though. Shoutout to The Up-Turn for the heads up.

Hodgy Beats – “April 27th”

In other Odd Future-related news, Frank Ocean released a snippet of a new song on his Tumblr. Production-wise, it has an LCD Soundsystem vibe to it. It sounds different than anything on his Nostalgia, Ultra mixtape, but it’s still ultra cool. Ugh, that was bad – maybe the corniest thing I’ve ever said. Sorry. I gotta go. *Slowly stands up, backs away from computer towards balcony door. Slides door open, steps out. Hurls self over balcony railing, down four floors and onto pavement below. Survives. Takes elevator upstairs. Publishes post.*