Picture Via Complex

So, there’s the cover art to Lil B‘s I’m Gay. It’s a play on Marvin Gaye’s I Want You cover (Get it? Gay/Gaye) and it is cut into three parts: slavery, mental slavery, and mental freedom.

The thing that nobody seems to be talking about is that he added “(I’m Happy)” to the end of his album’s name. When he announced the title, the response was overwhelming, albeit polarizing. Homosexuality is one of the few topics left in hip-hop that is still taboo. Lil B made it clear from the beginning that he was not actually homosexual, but when talking about the album title, he told MTV:

“I got major love for the gay and lesbian community, and I just want to push less separation and that’s why I’m doing it. I hope GLAAD sees that I’m taking initial steps to break barriers.”

By adding the “I’m happy,” to his title, he’s essentially pulling a 4th grade cop-out, like “yeah, I’m gay meaning HAPPY! And I’m a pussy, meaning a CAT!” or like finding some clever way to use the word “bitch” to mean female dog.

If the Based God was just trying to stir up some controversy and attract some attention, then mission accomplished. If he was, as he stated, trying to take steps to break down barriers or make some kind of point, whatever it was, then it seems like this watered-down, amended version of his album name falls short of having any impact.

I’m not trying to argue that Lil B should have been naming his album I’m Gay in the first place. That’s a completely different argument. But I’m Gay (I’m Happy)? Pretty pointless.