Damn, Based God. We never even had an official release date for Lil B‘s I’m Gay, but all of a sudden dude is tweeting that it’s out. Sure enough, it’s available on iTunes right now. No idea where that came from. OMGBG.

If you’ve followed B since his solo progression, you’re probably a little disoriented. His messages of unity and positivity often get lost among the over-the-top catchphrases and the cult-like following that the internet has been steadily face-fucking for the past year or so. Even with the title of his album, it’s hard to tell whether he’s truly trying to make an impact or just striving to be controversial and get attention. Whatever he’s doing, it’s working.

I’m Gay is going to surprise a lot of people, both fans and haters. The production and sound quality is high, making this immediately stand out from a lot of his previous work. But the most notable thing here is the consistent tone. These aren’t your traditional Lil B hits, sprinkled with celebrity name chants and adlibs of “SWAG!” or “COOK!” He’s practicing what he’s been preaching, and this album is really focused on a positive and uplifting message.

In true Lil B fashion, the message is broken down into the simplest of words, but the feeling behind it is somehow monumental. You get the sense that Lil B completely understands that some people aren’t going to get his message, and they aren’t going to get him, but the fact that he understands this gives him the freedom to do whatever the fuck he wants, and that’s exactly what he does. With his following, he could have gone in a lot of different directions. He could have easily picked the names of 10 celebrities in the headlines and made a 10-song viral album. He could have called on friends like Soulja Boy to put together a carefree Swag Fest 2011. That’s not what this is about. I give him a lot of credit for making this album. Check it out.

Listen to a couple tracks below, and download the whole album here.

Lil B – “Unchain Me”

Lil B – “The Wilderness”

UPDATE: Lil B has just taken to Twitter and Facebook and decided to make the album available for free. Thank you, Based God.

Download: Lil B – I’m Gay (I’m Happy)